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The Comic Book Club of Ithaca
PO Box 701
Ithaca, NY 14851

is proud to present
Saturday, March 24 and Sunday, March 25, 2018
Saturday 10 AM - 5 PM, Sunday 11 AM - 4 PM

Emerson Suites
Ithaca College
953 Danby Rd.
Ithaca, NY

Guest and schedule information is being posted as we confirm it.

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Used Comic Drive by the Books Behind Bars club at Ithaca College
Donate your used comics and graphic novels at ITHACON! Everyone who donates a used comic or trade paperback will be entered in a raffle for gift certificates from Buffalo Street Books and Comics for Collectors. The more you donate, the more chances you get to win! All comics will be supplied to incarcerated inmates by Ithaca College's Books Behind Bars club. Donations will be collected in the North Foyer of the Emerson Suites during ITHACON, March 24 & 25.

This year, we have a great guest lineup including:

A special group of Star Trek guests appearing on Sunday:

Actor Tim McCormack
Tim appeared in 51 episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Actor and writer J. G. Hertzler
best known for his portrayal of the Klingon officer General Martok from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
He has also co-written two Star Trek novels, The Left Hand of Destiny: Book 1, and Book 2.

Writer Nick Sagan
Nick has written five episodes of Star Trek: Voyager, the Shrapnel graphic novels from Radical Publishing, and other television shows, science fiction novels, and nonfiction.

Artist and inker Bill Anderson
Bill has inked many titles for Comico, DC, and Marvel Comics, including The Silver Surfer.

Panoptic Press publisher Steve Arenius

Artist and inker Doug Arthur
Doug is the creator of the long-running independent comic strip Tales From The Dougside, the musical mind behind the experimental, ambient electronic band Flaming Schwarzkopf Experience, as well as the host of the genre-bending podcast Assault Of The 2-Headed Space Mules. 2018 marks Doug's first appearance at Ithacon and he brings with him several of his most recent books, to help celebrate the 30th Anniversary of his strip Tales From The Dougside.
Mr. Arthur also attended Caroline Elementary School in the early 1970s and encourages any of his old classmates still in town to stop by and say hello!

Writer and publisher John Brhel
co-founder of Cemetery Gates Media, a publisher of fantasy and supernatural fiction.

Writer Caytlyn Brooke
whose YA novel Dark Flowers is available from BHC Press.

Crafter Diana Carver

Cosplay accessories crafter Kirsten Clinton

Manga writer Maegan Cook

Artist Storn Cook
Storn is an artist, art teacher, and fantasy illustrator. Clients include AEG, Hero Games, and Wizards of the Coast.

Crafters Professionally Unprofessional Nerdcrafters
(sisters Amanda and Erica DiVergilio)

Comic book artist and fantasy illustrator Steve Ellis

Writer and movie extra Mark Fenton

Comic book writer David Gallaher

Colorist Mike Garland
Mike is currently working on All-New Wolverine, The Mighty Captain Marvel,
Rocket Raccoon and Groot and The Black Monday Murders

Crafter Sharon Gates

Artist and animator Warren Greenwood
Care Bears (2007), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2005-06), Duck Tales: The Movie, and Grasshopper and Cricket

Artist and Club member turned pro Jon Haeffner
Haeffner is an artist on Alien Dawn, a series for Nicktoons, and the creator of the web-comic Phantom Hurricane.

Genre blogger Andrew Hocking

Artist Joe Holley

Fantasy writer John Koloski
whose debut novel EMPYRES: Bloodblind was published by Northampton House

Photographer and clay and wood artist Gabrielle Krogstad

Horror author Kevin Lucia
whose latest book Mystery Road is forthcoming from Cemetery Dance Publications

Web comic creator Matt Magill

Fantasy illustrator Joe Orsak
Joe is a Syracuse comic book artist and graphic designer noted as the creator of CAPTAIN 'CUSE, a comic strip in local newspapers in the 1980s. In 2008 Joe teamed up with Doug Brode to create a new comic strip SALT CITY in the Syracuse New Times. The duo teamed up again to create graphic novels for McFarland & Company: Yellow Rose Of Texas, The Myth of Emily Morgan, and Virgin Vampires, or Once Upon a Time in Transylvania. Joe is working on a new graphic novel for McFarland about John Dillinger.

Writer Tom Peyer
Best known for his revamp of the DC Comics' character Hourman, Peyer has recently written Batman '66 for DC Comics and Clown Tales for Thrillbent.com.

Artist Rob Piecuch

Fantasy artist Alan Pollack
whose work is seen in Magic: The Gathering as well as on
book covers, with recent titles including Cruel Zinc Melodies, The Two Worlds, and Miles and Metallurgy.

Artist Erin Powers-Kim
creator of the fantasy adventure Web comic Sell Spell

Artist/writer William Rodriguez

Fan artist Joseph Schichtel

Cosplay accessories maker KJ Schrecengast

Jason and the Draconauts series writer Paul Smith

Writer of The Eon Chronicles Dan Sopp

Marvel Comics writer Roger Stern
Online, Roger hangs out at http://sterntalk.yuku.com and at http://www.imwan.com
His Spider-Man Omnibus reprints his entire first run on Spider-Man.

Artist Emily Swann

Fantasy artist Burton Taylor

Alan Tupper, Carrie Tupper, and Havana Nguyen
of the Kamikaze Animated studio

Kamikaze is a Glyph Award-winning webcomic and animated series.

Fantasy artist Sean Usyk

Editor and contributor of the Vertoscope anthology Ten Van Winkle

Artist Ken Wheaton
Ken has worked on many TV tie-comics such as the official adaptation of Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol, and Simpsons comics, contributing to Bart Simpson's Manual of Mischief, vol.2 in the "Vault of Simpsonology" series. He drew several issues of IDW's Popeye series, and is currently working on a creator-owned project, The Doomsday Brigade.

Artist Brandon Whipple

Artist Ed Yancey

Please note that we're still busy confirming guests. Check this site again for more updates!

Admission is FREE. Bring everyone you know!

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