The Comic Book Club of Ithaca
208 Ridgedale Rd.
Ithaca, NY 14850

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The Panel



Coon, Jim Small-press comics creator, DBA Eight Ball Graphics
Devine, Will member
Edkin, Joe Once a mere fan, Joe has written professionally and taught at the Kubert School.
English, Marvin member
Gray, A. Timothy is a founding member of the Club, and the owner of Comics For Collectors
Hegeman, Tom has been a member of the Comic Book Club Of Ithaca for many years from the distant metropolis of Oneonta, where he is a practicing attorney. He has collected and read comics for most of his life and has done a bit of everything in fandom, from writing for fanzines to playing the dealer at comic shows. Tom entered the realm of small press comic publishing with Shyster Comics which he publishes under the Sweet Basset Press imprint. So far, 4 of the 6 projected issues have been published, at $1.25 each, and have garnered praise from folks like Tony Isabella and Steve Skeates. Contributors have included that same Steve Skeates, as well as Fred Hembeck and Howard Bender. For a SASE Tom will send you a catalogue of available issues with details, and a free set of postcards (way cool, if he does say so himself.) When he is not publishing, Tom is involved in the comics apa Capa-Alpha, where he has been a member for 20+ years. Oh, yeah, he also reads comics. He can be reached at 35 Church Street, Oneonta, NY 13820 or
Hetzel, Jeff member on detached service
Kone, Will member on detached service
Merlo, Carmela member
Orsak, Joe Honorary member and artist who hangs out at
Stern, Roger honorary member
Surdell, Gary U. member
Turner, Bill is a founding member

Last updated October 26, 2023